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7 concepts that make a big difference in life

As 2021 has faded away and 2022 is opening many new doors, I have been constantly thinking about my 2021, especially on what I have learnt and withdrawn from the silly mistakes and distorted thoughts. 

At the very end of it, this list came out – those concepts that have helped and changed my life a lot. They could or couldn’t be nothing new to you, yet they are likely to make a big difference in life, whether on a daily basis or in the long run if you really absorb them and start taking action from now on as I have been doing until now.

1. Compound interest

It is no coincidence that compound interest is considered “the 8th wonder of the world” and was praised by Warren Buffet as one of the three main reasons for his today’s fortune.

You may or may not be familiar with compound interest yet  but do you know that compound interest can be applied in every aspect of your life when taking into consideration the two core components: TIME and INTEREST.


Like compound interest, if you want to achieve something, start as soon as possible, keep up with it consistently. After a certain time, it can be as short as one month or as long as 10 years, you would get an enormous outcome, out of your expectation. Even just 15 – 30 minutes doing something useful and meaningful daily would bring out the greatest possible result. 

For example, if you are studying something challenging and thinking you may never be able to get into it, like studying English or stock investment. But, if you make a trial, taking out just 30 mins from your everyday just to study, after a year it would be 30 minutes * 365 days = 10.950 minutes or 182 hours. It’s a huge amount of time. If you continue, after two to three years, you already know how far you could go. 

Never underestimate the small consistency of what you’re doing now. If you’re patient enough, the fruit after a while is much much more than what you could imagine. 

On the other hand, if you’re doing some unkindness or having a negative attitude daily, after a while, those constant deeds would be multiplied by tens of thousands of times. Until you really realize how worse it is, maybe it’s too late. 

If you’re belong to this group, you can start to review what you have been doing and see if you can make any small tiny changes daily first.


Like investing, if you change from an account saving which is around 6%/year to stock – 20%/year, the money after 10 – 20 years you can get is not triple but much much more. 

So, instead of 30 mins, you can spend more, like 1 hour or 2, on something. You can also get the equivalent result as if you are investing.

I decided to write about this concept more than the others because it has changed my perspectives and how I react to my life a lot, that’s why I hope it would also make some difference in your life.

2. Structured Life 

Have you ever heard about this phrase before? If not yet, you can begin your searching now, it won’t disappoint you at all. 

“Life is unfair”. Maybe or may not. But we all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No one can get more or less than this amount. So, in terms of time, life is quite fair to every single person on earth.

To maximize the time being given, what have you done? 

If you already use your time very well, that’s really good. If you haven’t, take a look at the concept “Structured life” – Design and Build a structure on your own. What would you do every morning, every night, every Monday, every Saturday? They all matter and play an important role in your quality of life. 

Routine isn’t always a bad thing. It helps you stay focused on what is more important, stay stable on daily small tasks and stay enjoy when you want yourself a break. 

If you don’t have your own, perhaps others will include you in their structure without you knowing. And instead of living your own life, you may be living for others’ dreams and purposes.

3. Multitasking isn’t that good

You probably have seen this term from time to time in those Job Descriptions. Many people, even my old self, think that multitasking is such a great skill one should possess.

Until recently. Many scientific researches has shown that multitasking is distracting, slows you down and hampers your productivity.When you perform a number of tasks at the same time or in a rapid succession, all you do is just switch from one to another and never could really complete, at least, one of them.

Multitasking is also not good for your overall health. When you’re multitasking, you easily lose focus and feel stressed because you feel like you have endless things to do and could never finish one. 

So, if you’re somewhere under this circumstances, you should pay attention to this habit and adjust yourself. I may write another article just dedicated to this topic later, will update you once done.

4. Affirmation

Sometimes, I accidentally re-read my words about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to become. Compared to what I was doing at that time, somehow I got lost. Because my mind and my body would fill with so much stuff just to earn a living that it forgets what is the most important at the end of every day.

I used to get some recommendations about creating your own affirmation every morning or every night, I thought it’s nonsense. 

Now, it really works.

For example, when I want to form a new habit, like eating at least one kind of fruit everyday. I put this sentence on a wall where I can see every morning after wakeup, saying something like “Sunny, let’s eat some fruits today” 

That reminder hits my mind to proactively execute this new habit until it becomes an indispensable part in my life. Then, I start a new one. Repeatedly with different affirmation you want yourself to become, after a year, maybe, you would apply many new good habits and thoughts, And it turns out to have so many bigger fruits later. 

Or you’re feeling so bored with your current job, but you are studying something and have a plan to move on to something new in the next 1 year. Make a sentence and put it somewhere that you can see everyday, so that everytime you feel not good with the current job, you’ll know it won’t last long because you know exactly what you would do. 

My latest affirmation for 2022 is: “I am just 30, there is still a long way ahead to form a life I dream of” when I have so many stresses, disappointments and worries about the present and the future.

5. Journaling 

I got my aspiration for journaling after reading two books about Jackie Kenedy and Michelle Obama. I feel like it’s so cool to write down your own life from your own perspectives. Who knows, someday, if you’re getting so big…

I also consider my own diary as my self-help book – unique and one – of – a kind, made by me and only for me. These “self-help books” would help me release my anger and anxiety, adjust my weird and improper habits, and make me a better person. 

I used to, kind of, write my diaries and leave them abandoned. Now, I re-read them every time I feel down or lost. That’s really a great source of healing and self-guiding. 

6. Searching

When you don’t know what to eat, you Google. When you don’t know where to buy a certain outfit, you Google. But when you don’t know what your passion is, when you don’t know what you want to do in your life? What do you do? Do you start searching or do you keep complaining that why haven’t I found out my passion yet? 

Well, you have to seek it with a strong aggressive attitude very hard. They are the biggest questions in your life and matter the most. Yet all you do is sit still and wait for some miracle to happen so that suddenly, you would find out what you want to do? Nope, it never could happen if you don’t search hard for it, putting all your effort for it, how come it could be?

If you want to get a boyfriend/ girlfriend, all you have ever done is stay home for all weekdays and weekends, normal days and holidays. How come you would meet that person? You thought they would suddenly show up at your door by destiny? Nope, never.

For all things we have ever desired for our lives, we have to search for it. 

7. Move on 

Just two words: “MOVE ON”. Seems easy, right? 

Move on from a broken relationship, an old good friend, a mistake, an old improper job,… Life has never been easy. There are people who get cheated in a relationship, lose their parents when they were so young or put a big amount of money into something and get nothing back,… 

One way or another, time is flying fast and waiting for no one. If we just feel bad and are continuously looking at the past, we could never feel happy or satisfied with our current or reach another level of career, love,…

This phrase hits me very hard. Somehow, I still can’t forgive myself for my past silly mistakes but I am learning to do so and look forward to a brighter future. I hope that the same thing would also happen to you. 

At different stages of life, we would get completely different perspectives and experiences. No one is the same. I hope that if you accidentally drop by this article, you would get something out of it for your own present and future. 

I wish you a Brand New Year 2022 with Love and Gratitude

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