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My list Of Best Documentaries On NETFLIX (Part 2)

It takes a quite some time, like one and a half year, to come up with the Part 2 of this article, after my first Netflix Documentary list

I really hope this piece of writing from the Little Fat Bee Blog could bring you some new ideas and value for your Netflix hours. 


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Among all of the second list, I totally recommend this one, first and foremost. No matter what we’re doing, earning some good amount or earning nothing, we are all into a not – very – good relationship with money. 

When we make little money, living paycheck through paycheck. When we are moving beautifully with an increasingly -paid career. When we get millions of dollars in just a short period of time with such a unique talent, like football… No matter what we do, we all are likely to fall into the money trap, repeatedly, exhausting us years after years. 

So, I think that this one and a half – hour Netflix documentary can offer something to everyone through several typical personal financial cases of typical Americans with their own problems. How they go through difficulty and get wiser on how to deal with their income, debt and realize their dreams. Certainly, you’ll get something for yourself. I am sure. 


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If you admire Elon Musk 69%, I think you would have idolized him even more, like, 96% something? Why  not?

Elon Musk has only three chances to make his reusable rocket project successful, something that even government agencies couldn’t even think about yet. Exactly at the time 1:27:22, when he was jumping crazily to his successful landed skyrocket, after the third – final trial, I was like, WOW! That moment is so inspirational and emotional, Elon and his team have turned the impossible to the possible, after seven years of dedication and determination. I almost cried.

The moment when all your blood sweat and tears get rewarded, priceless and worth it. So, I think of myself and wish for that moment, not for anyone but for ME, daring to dream something big, realize it and make it come true. 

Not just the inspiration but the energy this documentary brought to us, I can’t wait to introduce it to all of you reading my little blog. 


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To everyone of us, watching a documentary could be the last thing we would bother to think of during our leisure time. So boring and old – fashion. 

This Octopus Teacher is not an exception, especially in the beginning. 

But NOPE. You’ll see the passion and the extraordinary persistence of a man who goes into the ocean every single day, alone, from the same spot through the whole year just to give us the understanding of the life cycle of an OCTOPUS. The passion that I wish I could possess to turn my life into a new chapter.

Also, at the same period of time, he was learning a lot from that little creature. The magical lives inside our ocean, the sacred connection between us and them. The PURE LOVE and AFFECTION you have never thought of. 


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This is a five – episode series in which, I think, portrays a comprehensive overview of typical forms of money laundry through all continents and what is the concept of “Dirty Money” as per its title. 

I got to learn how terrible political power can manipulate the world of money. And what’s even more terrifying is that no matter how big their crime is, they would always have some ways to hide and to escape from the thing we call “LAW and JUSTICE”. Nothing can surpass their level of power. How horrible! What you see is not actually what it is. 

After completing the last episodes, a heavy feeling took over all of me. All the dark sides exposed through the documentaries. I couldn’t handle. 

Still I recommend you for a different perspective of life. It’s interesting and cruel at the same time. Just do not watch it when you’re going through a bad day. 


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Yeah, another documentary about another billionaire, Bill Gate. This time, it is not about how he achieved all this wealth and success but about what he does after all the well – being. 

I was having nothing to do waiting for my five – and- a – half – hour flight, browsing Netflix and this series popped up. Why not give it a try. I downloaded all the three episodes, letting time fly on a plane watching all of them. 

Have you ever thought about having billions of dollars in your pocket? Traveling? Buying endless Dior and Hermes bags? 

Or MAKING A DIFFERENT. That’s what Bill Gate has been doing, until today. Creating a Toilet which doesn’t need energy or water to operate for the third world to prevent children dying from diarrhea and cholera. Eradicating Polio. Bringing an ultimate solution for Climate Change. 

Hardships come non-stop on the way but he would never stop making them all come true. 


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That’s how I describe this documentary in THREE WORDS through six episodes. 

Things that seem unrelated have strong connections to sustain life, over millions of years, millions of kilometers.

From the smallest elements in the universe to largest animals like elephants and giraffes, all are connected through unexpected strings. 

Why only on Earth there is LIVES?

Why a small sea turtle 

Why can a tiny sea turtle have the ability to travel nearly halfway around the world in search of life and then return to its original location, exactly that spot, to reproduce for the next generation?

There are so many wonders on this planet. We could never thank enough for being existent. 

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Spending hours on Netflix is not always a bad thing to do, right? If you deep into it, there are motions through pictures can bring you so much knowledges and good energy, right?

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy all of my recommendations. And see you in the next part!

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