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7 things to know before starting KETO diet

About a few years ago, I was so obsessed with my weight and my measurements. Though successfully losing some weight and looking good, I still wanted to try on other kinds of diet (which I wrote on another post of mine) to lose more leftover fat, including KETO

And I did KETO just for a period of 10 days, going from 49 kg to 47 kg. That was very enough for me, so I stopped. 

This is how my hand looks like before and after the diet. To be honest, I am still missing those chubby fingers until now.

Later on, I found out that:

Keto is not for everyone who wants to lose weight

There are some good and not – very good sides when it comes to this method.

During those 10 days, I basically ate protein, fat, cheese and fiber only. I had that food whenever I felt hungry. You know, hunger came quite often because I ate almost no carbs and sugar which are some of the main power sources for our body. 

After that short trial, I discovered some surprising and interesting things about KETO which I think you should take into consideration before starting your own Keto diet. 


Very effective when you want to lose BODY FAT 

[I mean FAT IN EVERY CORNER of your body]

According to my own experience, BODY FAT was slowly burned in the order from back, neck, face, arms to thighs, and finally upper belly. After finishing the course of 10 days, my most stubborn body fat had gone forever, which made me so happy except for the fat at that one place. They even didn’t come back after I was back to my usual diet. 

It was nice, actually! I really could feel “bones” everywhere on my skin which I never experienced before. That’s why KETO would be an excellent choice for those who want to lose a big amount of FAT.

Improve the SKIN QUALITY.

During the 10 days of keto, I noticed that my skin got a lot smoother and rudder. Most of the acne, especially those on my chin, disappeared. This was something I did not expect at all but was so excited.

This experience strengthen my belief that:

what you eat can mainly decide how your skin look.



I drank water like crazy during that time. I drank so much, continuously and still felt thirsty. And I also needed to go to the toilet quite very often.

I did not like this side of the Keto.

Hair fall

I did not eat carbs nor fruits (because fruits still have sugar) at all. I remember on the 8th day, I was so shocked realizing that nearly a half of my hair was gone. I cried for so many nights because I was afraid I would get bald.

Until now, after more research, I found out that it is better if we add more low-carb fruits to our KETO, such as avocado, watermelon,… 

Luckily, my hair has been growing back since then with proper diet and treatment. I even wrote about this journey in another post of mine here

Bad smell

Because I basically consume only meat, fish, fatty meat, cheese and fiber day after day, which causes a very unpleasant smell. Be careful and drink more water to reduce this “side effect”.

Breasts getting smaller

Together with FAT in other areas, fat at my breast also went away, forever and ever. I did not know it until I really did the KETO. This one, together with the hair loss, made me  cry so hard, for at least a week. But I could do nothing to get those FATs back. Instead, I have learnt to accept my new size.

So, stay focused and listen to your body well. Stop when you feel any unpleasant feeling, something you do not want to happen at all.


I started to feel very tired from the 9th day. 

I ated whenever I felt hungry but still felt exhausted. It seemed like my body was running out of all energy. I intended to take 12 days of Keto but ended up on day 10 due to those unpleasant feelings.

Later on, I found out that you should apply KETO for around 6 – 7 days with a cheat day between. It would bring out more possible outcomes in a long run. 

So, those are the main things  that happened to me during the 10 days of Keto diet. I learnt my lesson, partly because I didn’t do careful homework in advance. Next time, if you want to try on any kind of formula to lose weight, study well before kick-starting. 

One way or another, I had the three biggest withdraws: 

  1. Keto would be very good if you have bunch of long – time and stubborn BODY FAT need to be burnt 
  2. Listen to your body: whether it’s keto or any kind of diet, do LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you see any warning signs, stop right away.
  3. Less FAT is not always GOOD. After that 10 days, I felt like I had nothing but bones on my skin. I was so scared that I would never get any kilos back. It tooks me a few days to get familiar with my new back and new face.

A bit of fat is always better than no fat at all.

Remember to always listen carefully to your body and choose the suitable diet for your weight loss.

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