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Xin chào!

Welcome to blog of Little Fat Bee.

This is Sunny – a Vietnamese girl, currently based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I’ll turn 30 this November 6th, 2021 and finally, I am able to introduce my very first “www” present – Little Fat Bee Blog. I am so happy.

I used to be called a Fat Bee simply because I wasn’t as thin as other little girls. Now, I made a decision to turn that “poor” name into something more sweet and sunny. That’s how the Little Fat Bee was born. 

People said that using different languages brings us different characteristics, so do I. Having always been scared to speak out myself in Vietnamese since childhood yet with English, I am now confident and free to express anything through diverse shades of this beautiful and bold language. I love English, I really do. 

After writing on Quora for a while and receiving a bunch of love and support, I eventually got enough courage to work on my dream as a blogger, sharing my stories and hoping more of you guys could, somehow, find a ray of sunlight every time making a visit to my little place.

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