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How to treat yourself off from COVID-19 at home?

Easy Natural Remedies for COVID-19 Self – Treatment

I got my first positive result with Covid – 19 on February 18, 2022. Then, I was back to negative for the first time on February 27, 2022. So, it took me 10 days to recover with easy and simple natural remedies.

I have completed two vaccinations – Astra Zecneca, the last dose was on September  28, 2021. There fore with mild symptoms, I could stay at home for self – treatment.

I don’t recommend it for those who haven’t received any vaccination yet or those with background diseases. Instead, you should observe yourself more carefully and be hospitalized when there are any serious developments. 


Let’s get started with my own development of Covid – 19 symptoms.

I would like to sort them in the order of appearance of what had happened to me from the beginning till the end.

I. Headache 

Since I have chronic sinusitis and get headaches sometimes when the weather gets colder. This time, the headache is very similar to my sinusitis symptom. 

You can imagine something like, the area in your head (behind the forehead) is normally empty which makes you feel healthy and light. But when the sinusitis appears, this area contains a lot of fluid which makes you feel heavily painful.   

At first I thought it was just me getting sinusitis due to weather changes (I was back home for Tet holidays with family). So, I didn’t take the test immediately until I got a mild itchy throat (details below)

II. Tiredness 

After about two or three days since the first headache, I felt tired all over my body, feeling no energy even just to wake up every morning. I was really tired. 

Still, I thought it was just because of weather changes and refused to take the Covid test.

III. Nausea

I am the kind of person who always feels good eating anything. Yet the feeling of nausea started to bother me during those days, after almost every main meal. Especially when I eat rice, pork and other kinds of meat. 

I didn’t lose my taste and sense of smell at all but constantly got nausea from the first day until the day I was fully recovered without any symptoms.

Today is March 11, 2022 and the nausea feeling has gone, feeling like heaven. I am able to consume any food in this world without that hated nausea.

IV. Itchy throat and cough 

For me, I got a mild itchy throat and just coughed for around 3 – 4 times a day which is not much at all. 

I took the test soon after I noticed the itchy throat and got a positive result as expected. 

Most of my friends had itchy throat as the very first and foremost symptom. I thought maybe I had it first but didn’t realize until my mom got a positive Covid test result.

V. Runny nose

This is the last symptom to appear and also the one that stays the longest. Even after receiving the second negative test result with Covid – 19, the runny nose continued troubling me for another couple of days.

Until today, March 11, 2022, I am very lively and in the pink of health while documenting this covid journey. 

At the time, my Mom and Dad were also infected with different symptoms than mine. Mom had coughed quite often while Dad had a fever for a day and nothing else. You should pay attention to your own development and apply proper treatment. 

Some of my friends received the positive test soon after feeling the very small itchy throat, starting early treatment and getting almost no more symptoms, unlike me, and recovering in just 5 – 7 days.


Since I am fully vaccinated and don’t have any background disease, I prefer to use natural remedies while staying at home to get over the virus. 

One thing I must confess that though I have known a lot of friends and acquaintances already positive with Covid, when it’s my turn, I was still feeling a bit shocked, confused and so much worried. That’s why I would like to write down my own story to send you a big cheer up in case you are positive.

After searching on my own and consulting some of my friends, I came out with two big tasks that we all had to do:

1. Clean the respiratory system

2. Strengthen the immune system 

No matter what kind of methods you are going to apply, remember these two big goals, you will quickly and fully return to health.

I. Respiratory System’s Clean

When the virus just penetrates your body, they are still weak and stay somewhere between the throat, that’s why cleaning the respiratory system helps prevent the virus from going further into lungs.

1. Nasal steam 

At first, I was so confused on how many times and how long I should take steam for a day. Finally, after much searching and trying,  I came up with the idea that steam for 2 – 3 times a day, one time for around 5 – 10 mins, is enough.

In the beginning, I used lemongrass, ginger and lemonade together. Then I discovered the pomelo’s peel and orange’s peel, so I put them into my steam pot as well, smelling super relaxed and fresh. 

Because I got sinusitis, I also steamed it with chopped garlic and 1 – 2 drops of medicated oil. I just did it for around 2 – 3 days until my sinusitis headache was gone. I couldn’t stand the smell of garlic and medicated oil together but this recipe really works for those with sinusitis headache and stuffy, runny nose, I tried. Below is how I did garlic steam:

To me, steam helps not only clean the respiration system but also plays the role as a relaxing thing to do because of the smell from lemongrass, pomelo’s peel, ginger,… 

You can choose whatever ingredients are available at your place. Steam with either one or all of them is fine, as long as you feel good. Don’t do it with very hot water.

2. Gargle with salt water

Do it around 3 – 4 times a day, super easy thing to do yet bring out a big outcome. To me, gargling with salt water helps ease the itchy throat a lot.

Even until now, I am still maintaining this habit for around twice a day (after brushing teeth) to maintain a healthy teeth and throat. 

You can either make salt water at home or buy one from any drug store, very convenient. In Vietnam, it just cost around 8.000 dong to 15.000 dong (less than 1USD) for a bottle of salt water, 200ml – 400ml.

3. Drink warm water

Try to drink more water than usual, warm water. It is better to take a bit at a time rather than drink a full cup of water and stop. Drinking warm water not only helps clean the throat but also strengthens the immune system which gives you more weapons to fight the virus.

Don’t forget to eat warm food and stay away from any cold water or cold food.

II. Immune System’s Boost

1. Maintain a stable mood

To me, state of spirit is the most important factor determining condition of our immune system. During the 10 days of quarantine and staying isolated from society, I didn’t always feel good. Yet,once my mood was up, I automatically got a lot better, in general. On days when my mood is down or supper down, I feel tired and exhausted, feeling like I have no energy to do anything. And of course, let alone the thing called “fight the virus”. Especially after 1 week and I was still positive, my mind even came up with some questions like: “Will the virus ever leave me?”

So, try your best to stay stable, relax and think about the good things that will happen after getting negative again.

Keep a schedule and make sure you absolutely stay away from negative news, especially those about covid complicated developments, post – covid symptoms, death cases, … That news makes no sense but pulls your spirit and mood even further down which is a very bad thing for the immune system. 

2. Stay active and awake during the day, Sleep well and enough at night

No matter how you feel, get  a deep and qualified sleep at night for at least 7 – 8 hours because night sleep is the best time for our bodies to heal and get back to its best condition. Do remember to put your head higher by using more pillow or double – thicker pillow than usual.

Contrary to the night, we shouldn’t sleep or lie in bed during the daytime. Keep yourself up with gentle movement and small odd jobs.

My best recommendation is to take advantage of these days in order to arrange and clean your room or apartment. I was able to do a big task by re-decorating the room and arranging my closet, giving away old outfits,… 

If you feel tired, try not to lie in bed because the more you stay still, the more you will get tired. In addition, the lying position would drain your body faster and make it harder to breathe. 

3. Drink juices, lemonade and eat more fruits

Usually, drinking too many juices a day isn’t a nice thing to do. During those days, your body needs masses of energy, vitamins and minerals to fight the virus and get back to its finest condition. 

If you couldn’t make juices at home, try the easiest recipe – lemonade. Drinking around 2 cups of lemonade daily already made a big difference. All you need is just warm water and lemon, the ingredient I think everyone feels comfortable to make. 

Eat more fruits such as: pomelo, pineapple, orange, tangerine, guava,.. You can get whatever is at hand, choose those containing more water than others.

I almost took no vitamin supplement because I have a strong belief that our bodies are better made for natural stuff than processed ones. 

4. Garlic, Coconut and Ginger 

Garlic and Ginger are natural antibiotic foods with antibacterial and antiviral properties that help strengthen the immune system and reduce the severity of symptoms. No matter where you are living, I think they are super easy to find in everyone’s kitchen. 

Coconut water are rich in terms of minerals. It contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc. And the mixture of substances in coconut water is very similar to the fluid in cells. Also, the abundant potassium content helps the absorption and regulation of fluids to replenish and re-hydrate the body.

For Garlic: you can either eat raw (which I can’t do at all but my Dad ) or cook it together with other food.

For Ginger: you can put some slices into warm water to drink.

For Coconut: you can either put a bit salt or cook it with 1 – 2 pieces of ginger


I almost took no medicine. As mentioned above, I was quite very worried since getting the positive result. On the third or fourth day, I thought about taking medicine. Partly because I don’t like medicine, partly because my condition got better after that. So, I ended up taking no medicine at all. 

I also asked my friends and most of them with mild symptoms using no medicine at all, except when you get a fever. 

I am not a doctor or medical consultant. Above is my very own story about how I fought the Covid – 19 at home with some self – searching from experts (national television and official pages from the government) and my used – to – be – Covid – positive friends. I hope my story could be some kind of help when you get infected with the virus.

I also shared another post about how did I overcome constipation which you can take a look here

Last but not least, throughout my experience, I would like to say something before saying goodbye and seeing you in the next post: 

  • Get the test when you notice any abnormal symptoms that are similar to Covid symptoms. The early you start treatment, the faster you can recover
  • No matter if it is Covid or a flu, the more you stay healthy, the better our bodies can deal with either the virus or other flu diseases. It’s always better late than never, start from today for your own sake.

Below is my test results during those 10 days

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