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My list Of Best Documentaries On NETFLIX (Part 1)

My own random NETFLIX Documentaries and Series

To me, Netflix does have a thing called “DOCUMENTARIES ” which contains so much beauty, surprises and meaningful messages to the things we are missing from the repeated whirlpool of life, work and money. 

Sometimes, I get recommended by a friend. Sometimes, I accidentally discover something on my own. Whatever, I feel grateful for the chance to “meet” each of those inspirational documentaries and can’t wait for any longer to share with you. 

1. Fantastic Fungi (2019) 

This is the very first documentary that Netflix introduced to me on a very random evening. And I was so amazed at how beautiful and magical it is. Nearly one and a half hours is just all about Fungi, can you imagine? 

The universe has created everything for a purpose, including fungi – the new beginning of life. You could never know what is happening under those roots, under the land in those forests – mushrooms, continuously bringing life to the Earth.

The miracle on how eating fungi could heal our body, even from cancer, something you hardly heard from anywhere else. There is even a group of fungi – loving people, gathering  just to taste and discover new diverse mushrooms and fungi. 

“You can’t see us but we flourish all around you. Everywhere. In everything. And even inside you, whether you believe in us, or not. From your first breath to your last, in darkness and in the light, we are the oldest and youngest. We are the largest and smallest. We are the wisdom of a billion years”

Image source:

There are more and more to see in Fantastic Fungi which you can, yourself, uncover and learn your own lesson.

2. The Social Dilemma (2020)

I was recommended by a friend about this 1 hour and 34 minutes documentary. And it didn’t disappoint me at all – another great piece from Netflix. 

This documentary tells us the stories and perspectives from the insiders – those who have been really working on creating how the social media and online platforms we are using today run, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, … 

I am not a hundred percent against social media because it has brought us many nice things, connecting the world and creating new opportunities.

Somehow, the social media and online platforms have strayed away from these wonderful initial purposes in order to keep us stay with them longer. As a result, spend more money.

So I sincerely urge you to watch this one, especially when you have kids and problems with social media’s addiction, in general, to understand the fierce and dark aspect of them. Through it, you can somehow gradually find a way out for yourself or adjust the way to guide and take care of your children on their Facebook, Instagram’s usage. 

3. Kiss the Ground (2020)

The Earth is getting warmer and climate change is having a huge impact on our human being. How can we give our little hands to make the world a better place? You can find the most surprising facts and simple actions even though you have no idea that you need them in this documentary. 

Do you know that cow dung can regenerate the broken soil. And raising cows isn’t that bad if you understand the correct method. 

The way we are cultivating and treating the land isn’t a nice thing to do to the Earth. So you know that 60% of rain is from the ocean and 40 % from the in-land. Just by getting a correct knowledge on planting can hugely decide if we can give earth the chance to heal, or not.

And more,… which can open your mind from this documentary. Totally recommend. 

4. American Factory (2019)

In the beginning, I thought this would be a story on the history or culture of factories from the USA by reading the title. 

But, it’s not. Actually, this is a very interesting true story on the journey of a Chinese billionaire who repurchased and revived an old car glass factory left abandoned for years from General Motors. 

I am not in favor of either Americans or Chinese. Through nearly two hours watching, I can get an idea on the difference in working technique and culture between the two countries, how they dealt with all the issues and conflicts. 

And above all, I have a feeling and admiration for the Chinese people’s ambition to reach out to the world.

Not only can Americans open factories in China and hire Chinese workers but the reverse can also happen. 

I recently learned that American Factory won an Oscar for the best documentary in 2020. 

5. Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventures (2018)

I have always been curious about the Silk Road. Yet I couldn’t really get a picture of what it looks like, how it had been created and disappeared, the side stores,… 

Thanks to Joanna Lumley, I now know how wonderful and beautiful it is. It has brought the East and West together, forming a “flat world” in the old days with exchanges of goods, culture and religions. 

Because of the series, I am reading the book “MARCO POLO – From Venice to Xanadu“. This is a memoir from one of the very first Westerners travelling from Venice, all the way to Mongol Empire.

I have never thought that Iran would be that beautiful and Central Asian countries would be that unique. I really hope that one day, I can have a chance to admire all the beauty through my own eyes. 

This is actually not called a documentary but a series. To me, as long as it is not a drama or a movie, I can list it as a documentary which brings me knowledge and inspiration from the outside world. 

Below is the eagle hunters in Kyrgyzstan’s mountains, one of my favorite parts from the series

Image source: Cut from the series on Netflix

6. The Last Czars (2019)

This is also not a documentary but a series. Since it gives me a brand new sky of comprehension about world history which I am so into. And especially, Russia. 

Compared to other documentaries and series from this list, this movie brings a bit of a dark and heavy feeling. May be partly because of its own story and partly because of its music and colors throughout the series.

So, if you are not in a good mood, I absolutely don’t recommend the Last Czars. It contains many scenes of violence and death and turmoil, besides those magnificent palaces from the flourishing period of the Czars. 

Since the Ukraine – Russia war is going on, I think it’s interesting to watch this series and understand more about Russia.

7. Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure (2015)  

I got recommended by Netflix on this series after watching the Silk Road Adventure by Joanna Lumley. And it’s such an eye – opener. 

I had never heard about the train from Beijing, Mongolia and to Mosco until I watched it. So much greatness from these three countries and so much hospitality from the people. 

From the Great Wall to Genghis Khan and then, Kremli, you can enjoy a trip through your own screen at home during this COVID era and admire how big and marvelous the world is. 

This is a series you can watch with either your friends or your family, your spouse or your children during a lazy weekend or an ordinary Friday night. 

I will continue discovering more interesting documentaries and series from Netflix. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feelings on them and see you again in Part 2.

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