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How to cure chronic constipation at home – my own story

Being able to go to the toilet in the morning and get the “poo poo” out is my new happiness recently, feeling like releasing tons of weight from my shoulders.

I don’t remember exactly when my constipation started, I’m sure it’s not less than a year to date. Since I have successfully conquered the difficulty emptying my bowels, I really want to share with you this challenging but rewarding journey today.

For me, to solve any problems, the first and foremost thing is to find out what has caused those troubles. There are many things that can lead to constipation.


After reviewing my own lifestyle and habits, I have discovered my own four root causes:

I. Ignore the morning signal from my body

Usually, our body will start its detoxification process by asking us to urinate the moment we wake up and defecate in around 30 minutes to 1 hour afterwards. 

For some reason, we pay no attention to that call. Gradually, the body stops sending that message. As a result, we can’t empty the bowels and day by day, we begin to get into trouble with this seemingly simple thing called “constipation” .

In my case, I have always felt an urge every morning to do so many things but go pooping. I either woke up late and rushed to work or prepared my breakfast and lunch in a hurry, leaving home. 

I consider it as the main reason for my problem.

II. Sit too much, continuously for a long time

I have been an ordinary office worker, just like many other adults, mostly dealing with computer screens for around 8 hours each day, plus the 2 hours traveling on my motorbike between home and office, so 10 in total.

In addition, I was, kind of, torturing myself by just sitting for hours without even standing up for a minute due to the unstable and fluctuating mood.

And, I haven’t also maintained a steady schedule for my yoga and exercise at all for the past year. 

III. Live with constant stress and negative thinking 

I lost all my money into something which I really shouldn’t have gotten into in the beginning. That event hit me so hard that I lost trust in other people, and above all, in myself. 

I am turning 30 – an invisible bar  for many people, especially girls without either a career or a family. 

I started to look down on myself, spending days and nights in sadness, ignorance, hopelessness and loneliness. My whole daily colors were grey, dark and darker. 

I didn’t realize how bad those tenses had affected me until recently, when I paid a short visit and stayed with my parents, all the symptoms just gone in a blink of an eye.

IV. Eat too much 

My diet is quite healthy since I successfully lost around 6 – 7 kilograms thanks to it. I don’t eat sugar, and I don’t drink soft drinks. I get enough water everyday. No fast food, no alcohol,… 

I have a long list for my daily eating but there is one thing I failed to carry out. I sometimes eat too much, sometimes too little. 

That “sometimes” doesn’t happen once in a while but quite often. 

So, the road to constipation is completely different for everyone. You are the only person who can review and track what has been wrong with your body.

Do remember one thing, eating habits aren’t the only cause for constipation. 


After clearing all the causes, below is how I have cured my own constipation without taking any medicine. 

I. Coffee 

If you don’t drink coffee on a daily basis and don’t get familiar with it, this is a very effective and easy way to cure your constipation, fast and convenient. This method usually doesn’t work for those who drink coffee a lot, a true coffee person, as a must everyday. 

You can either drink a cup of pure coffee or milk coffee, depending on your flavor and endurance. For me, I can go pooping almost the moment I finish my coffee, sometimes in around 15 minutes to 20 minutes, not more than that. 

I recommend you to drink at any time from early morning until around 3pm because you may get a sleepless night that day if you get coffee after 3pm.

I myself don’t suggest this method for the long – term because the more you use it, the less it works for you. And milk coffee tastes very good but it is actually not good for overall health. 

Plus, coffee is addictive, if you take too much, your body can’t live without it, that is not good at all. 

II. Laxative food 

First, I sincerely suggest you get them in the morning – when your stomach is still completely empty.  After observing my body for quite a while, I came to discover that morning is the best time for laxative food to do its work. 

There are a bunch of laxative foods out there, you can choose whatever depending on your convenience and preference. 

Below is the list I have taken and it works magically on me: coconut water, sweet potato (boiled, steamed or grilled), ripe papaya, melon, corn (boiled), and a sandwich and bread. 

Depending on your own digestive system, you can go number 2 immediately, or after about 15 – 30 minutes afterwards.

It would be a bit inconvenient if you have to leave home early without much time left in the morning.  Yet let’s give it a try, waking up a bit earlier and having breakfast at home before doing anything else for the rest of the day.

III. Lemonade 

Lemonade is also a laxative food but I want to list it separately here because it is super easy for any of us to apply because lemon is almost everywhere, cheap and simple to make.

Every morning, you just have to squeeze a small piece of lemon into a cup of warm water, that’s it. Just lemon and warm water. Drink it to start a new day with positive energy. 

Lemonade not only detoxes your stomach but also helps put all of the “leftover” from the previous day’s digestion out, easier and smoother. 

Do not be afraid if you get a stomach – related illness, just a tiny piece of lemon already works. 

You can squat like this for a better result. 

In about 15 – 30 minutes, you’ll get that signal. 

Don’t worry if on some days, you still fail after doing all these things. Try again tomorrow. Be patient and consistent, it will slowly make a better change.

For me, this is the best way I have always wanted to consult you in the long run. 

Practicing the body to defecate after waking up just pushes back to its natural routine. Once the body gets enough “force”, it will naturally be back to its original habit. 

IV. Wake up early, do not snooze

Time for colon to detox is from 5am to 7am and it can be earlier or later for different people but usually, it will be around 30 minutes to 1 hour after you get up. 

The fact is that many of us have a habit of snoozing, again and again. As such, after our body wakes up, we keep laying in bed for hours, skipping the message from colon that “let’s go pooping”. 

If you are having problems with constipation, try to let go of your snoozing habits, it can make a big move.

Especially when you have to go to work, try to get up a bit earlier, so that your body and your mind have time to relax, feeling comfortable to do its work. Because you know, when you’re always in a hurry, it’s hard to go pooping. 

V. Drink enough water, eat more vegetables and fruits

There is no doubt how those habits can help you achieve your healthy goal. 

For sure, you can’t see the result right away. Day by day strictly providing your body with enough water and fiber, you’ll feel the improvement. 

Along with it, try to reduce protein from animals (beef, pork, …), processed sugar and fast food. They not only help you maintain a good weight but also keep you healthy and happy. 

VI. Exercise 

Do whatever makes your body move. 

You don’t have to go to the gym everyday or take yoga class, dance class if you don’t want to. 

There are thousands of things you can do: houseworks (sweeping, cleaning, arranging your stuff,…), walk as much as you can, sit straight for a maximum of 1 hour and stand up for your body to move,… 

Anything that gives your body a move, do it. 

VII. Find something that makes you happy everyday 

Our body is a unity. No matter which part of your body gets an issue, it affects the rest. 

If your mental health isn’t taken care of well, your physical health can’t also work properly, including your stomach and your colon. 

Life can be hard, like, really hard for everyone. Bad things can happen to us, all the time. Once we aren’t kids any more, there are hundreds of things to worry about, same to any of us. 

If you can’t find any joy, even the smallest and simplest, you aren’t doing it correctly. 

One simple thing I would like to suggest to you is to list down at least 3 things you’re grateful for everyday, on your own dairy. 

I am not a doctor or an expert in the healthcare industry but a person who has her own health problems and makes an effort to heal herself in a natural and friendly way. 

Do remember one thing: your body has its own power to heal, all you have to do is to provide it with the right materials and environment. 

I sincerely wish my journey dealing with constipation could help you with your own situation. You are the only one who is responsible for your life and your health. If you’re not capable, who else can?

I would be very thrilled if you can learn anything from my story and would love to hear from you. 

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