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Is it bad to read too many books?


There is no wonder how great books and reading books can give us, or sometimes change our lives in one way or another.

To me, reading too many books is not as good as it may sound.

When I want to do something new and challenging, the first thought that comes to my mind is “Oh, I should read some books about this topic”. Then I read, read and read. After endless books, I still have not started anything yet because I feel like I am not ready. So, reading is like a reason to please my own hesitation for not starting right now.

I plan something I should and have to do for my weekend, my holidays, my free time,… Finally, I am either too scared or lazy to do so, I choose to read a book or several books instead. All I have to do is grab a random book and “bury” my mind into it. If it happens sometimes, it’s okay. But if that slowly becomes a habit, it is not a great thing at all. Again, this habit is like a way to hide in my own shell, even better

I have looked through too many books about successful people and inspirational stories. I wonder why people said that reading books and lots of books would lead to success but I am still a very “bankrupt person”. I realized I didn’t apply any of the good things in those books in my real life. A great book could inspire me for hours or days. Then those temporary inspirations go away after weeks.

Sometimes, I also see people who read, like, thousands of books. As a result, they constantly talk about nothing but big ideas or great quotes almost every time I see them. They never really talk about themselves rather than the books they read, other great people or some meaningful quotes. Doing something like this just makes you a “theory person” instead of an “action person” .

There are times when I really hate reading. I stay away from all kinds of books. I feel like I could learn nothing from them because I am too much a “theory person” rather than an “action person”.

I found myself hiding myself from the real complicated stressful world into those peaceful smooth endless pages and pages.

Reading books is good in general. However, if you read too much without putting any action, it is not good at all.

To me, the most precious lessons I got are not from books but from my real experiences, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS.

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