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8 reasons why some guys are always stay single

Being single every now and then, I thought that it would be interesting to do a small research, after all the ups and downs from a sky of dating sites, on why there are also as many single men as women.

1. The ones that only focus on their careers first

They think they have to build their own career and be successful to be able to provide the best life for their future wife and children.

So, being single helps them concentrate and be dedicated to their profession.

2. The adventurous lovers

They are young, wild and free. To them, life is full of adventures. They want to discover places, try new things and just do not want to be in a relationship yet.

So, it would be easier to live alone through all these adventures. And they do enjoy their lives very well.

3. The lady – killers

They can make any girl they want fall for them and they can be with more than two girls at the same time.

They never want to be with just one girlfriend or they do not want it yet.

4. The “narcissists”

They love themselves so much that no other girls could fit their requirements. They are always number one in correlation with any-one-else.

I think it would take them a lifetime to find that person.

5. Guys with inferiority

They feel like they are too short or too ugly or too unqualified for any girl. They do not get the confidence to chase their crush.

And they ended up being alone.

6. The inexperienced people

They may be handsome or not, they may be a big success or not, … but everytime they are in a relationship, it always goes nowhere. They do not understand why. They did their best but why did the girls always leave or cheat them?

For me, actually, dating and loving are not easy at all. Though they seem to have everything but to stay long and healthy with someone, they also need to be good at “dating and loving”. They just need time and the right direction.

7. They lost trust in girls in this world

My cousin is a typical example. He used to have two girlfriends. He loved each of them with all his heart but he always betrayed them..

So, he felt like he could not put his heart in any other girls. He felt like girls today are hard to believe. He started to live on his own.

Or he is just too lazy to start another love story which he thinks would have the same endings.

8. The “office guys”

I call them the “office guys” because their lives are like: growing up, spending all their time with academic study from schools to universities, graduating and going to work for a certain company, meeting the same people every day. They have little chance to meet “the girl of their lives”.

They can but it just takes a little bit harder. They have to put a lot of effort to finally find the right one.

These are just my own experiences.

But being single is not the end of the world. There are still so many good things and people out there in this beautiful world.

So, no matter if you’re single or in a relationship, just enjoy it with your own companion.

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