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How does it feel to travel alone

It feels EXCITED because finally I am brave enough to book a ticket and go, alone

It feels ANXIOUS because I do not know what would happen during the trip

It feels STRONG because I do everything on my own to make it happen

It feels SO HAPPY because I can do something that I was so scared before

It feels STRANGE when there is no one around me speaking my mother language and I can use English everyday, yeah

It feels PRETTY COOL because people are always wow-ing seeing a small girl wondering in a big country, alone

It feels PEACEFUL because I have my own time without any distraction from messages or calls or emails or ….

It feels SERENE because I can now truly listen and follow my own feelings and voices, not anyone else

It feels FRESH because I am throwing myself in a complete different world, things normal in that place seems brand new for me

It feels EXOTIC because finally I can wear a natural sunscreen – Thanaka

It feels LONELY sometimes when I see couples traveling together

It feels TERRIFYING when I see a snake, from nowhere, crawling right in front of me

It feels LEFT – ABANDONED when I have a meeting with someone I know through internet and they cancel the last minute

It feels FEARFUL when I get lost with an out – of – battery phone in the middle of nowhere

It feels SURPRISED because there are so many good – strangers always willing to help me

It feels BLESSED because no matter what happened, I am safe and sound at the end

It feels AMAZING because I can meet so many interesting friends around the world in a way I could never do if I just stay at home or travel with a group of friends

It feels SUPER GREAT because I know, I know that there are a lot of girls also travelling solo, like me

It feels INSPIRED from stories I have heard on the way, from locals and from other fellow travelers

Finally, it feels SO PROUD because I MADE IT!

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